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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Polaris RZR Gearcase Lift Plates from Holz Racing Products

From track to trail and everywhere in between, Mother Earth can show little to no mercy to the underside of your beloved Polaris RZR. Sometimes even the incredible protection of a Holz Racing Products skidplate is not enough to withstand the most punishing of hits. For that reason we’ve developed these incredibly affordable and effective Gearcase Lift Plates.

In stock form, the engine and transmission of a RZR, RZR-S or RZR-4 hangs below the frame rails, exposing the case to potential disaster. The Holz Racing Products Gearcase Lift Plates prevents this from happening, by raising the front of the motor and associated transmission gearcase out of harms way.

The Holz Racing Products Gearcase Lift Plate Kit is in stock and ready to ship, and priced at just $19.95, it’s one the most affordable and smartest investments you’ll make for your Polaris RZR. Machined from billet aluminum, the Gearcase Lift Plates are the perfect addition to our popular and must have Billet Motor Mount set (Part # 618006). Machined from 6061 billet aluminum
they feature a stout poly-graphite urethane isolator and virtually eliminate unwanted deflection. Finish up the underside of your RZR or RZR-S with our full length Skid Plate Kit (Part# 613010-R) for the ultimate protection package.

Simply log on to today and order the Holz Racing Gearcase Lift Plate Kit or the entire protection package trio.

Part # 618014 RZR Gearcase Lift Plates $19.95
Part # 618006 RZR Billet Motor Mounts $110.00
Part# 613010 RZR Skid Plate Kit $475.00

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