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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Performance Based Parts For the QuadRacer R450 and QuadSport Z400

Chino, Calif. - February 19, 2010 - Yoshimura knows a lot about Suzuki's QuadRacer R450 and QuadSport Z400. A couple of Championships by Dustin Wimmer and Doug Gust are proof of that. Over the years, a number of weight saving and power boosting solutions have come out of R&D, plus a couple of items that are just cool.
Parts for QuadRacer R450 Only:

Radiator Guards
We spent a lot of time and bashed many knuckles cutting up RM-Z450 radiator guards and shoe-horning them into the QuadRacer R450 shrouds. Then we figured we’d be better off making some of our own. Our R&D guys fixed this problem in about five days…and knuckles everywhere rejoiced!
•    Forces more air into radiator
•    Blocks debris from getting to the radiator
•    Race team tested

Part #: 2115-RADFIN
MSRP: $99.95

Kick Start Kit
When you’re racing, every ounce counts. That’s why the Yoshimura Kick Start Kit is so popular. It shaves off nearly eight pounds from your quad, taking a lot of that “high weight” off. Highly placed weight can negatively affect the polar movement of your quad and cause negative handling forces. This kit also reduces the mass on the crankshaft, making for snappier overall performance. While we were improving things, we included a capacitor to replace that clunky battery and make things nice and “sparky.” A Yoshimura Shift Pin Kit is also included to toughen up the engine cases.
•    Designed for performance-minded LT-R racers
•    Saves 8 pounds
•    Reduces spinning mass on crank for better performance
•    Comes with a capacitor to replace battery
•    Yoshimura shift pin included. Helps to prevent engine case failure.

Part #: 2115-KSS
MSRP: $505.90

Push Button Start Kit
Get rid of unnecessary bulk with the push button start kit. It eliminates the stock handlebar switch assembly and allows for a less cluttered handlebar area to mount hand guards or reposition controls. This kit is built specifically for the Suzuki QuadRacer R450 using OEM spec switch, harness and connectors.

Part #: 2115-PBS
MSRP: $24.92

Spark Plug Holder
When you’re racing, the win and valuable series points are on the line. Don’t let something like a spark plug cap blowing off in the middle of the race ruin your championship run. It happened to us once, and after that we made these handy little hold-downs that ensure we won’t have to go through that again!
•    Keeps spark plug cap in place
•    Made from high-grade aluminum

Part #: 2190-SPH-K
MSRP: $24.95

Parts For QuadRacer R450 and QuadRacer Z400:

MXR-8 Wheel Cap
Pick your favorite color: red, black, or yellow. Rotating mass can cause your tires to become off balance and cause axle vibration, so we designed these caps to keep sticky, heavy mud out. These wheel caps push into most 8-inch beadlock rear wheels. Trick Yoshimura wheel cap stickers are included.

Part #:
MXR-8 Wheel Caps Black   0570-K
MXR-8 Wheel Caps Red   0570-R
MXR-8 Wheel Caps Yellow   0570-Y
MSRP: $14.95

Rear Brake Clevis
•    Stronger than OEM unit
•    Smoother action
•    Laser etched Yoshimura logo
•    Machined from high-grade aluminum

Part #: 2115-801-K
MSRP: $44.95

Timing Inspection Plugs
These bolts are actually stronger, lighter and less prone to stripping then the stock units. But most importantly, they let the guy next to you know that you are serious about being faster than him.
•    Laser-etched logo for the factory look
•    Made form high-grade aluminum

Part #: R-K5110-K
MSRP: $24.95

Check Plug
This cool-looking, lightweight Yoshimura plug replaces the heavy, stock Allen-head one. It features a 12mm hex bolt head. It makes your machine look trick!
•    Anodized billet aluminum
•    Laser-etched logo
•    More durable than stock

Part #: 2115-910-K
MSRP: $23.95

Throttle Body Nut
Yoshimura’s throttle body nut removes the dead weight of the unnecessary choke cable and the massive amount of hardware from the throttle body and bars. It’ll de-clutter your quad, save weight, all while looking cool.
•    Anodized billet aluminum
•    Laser-etched logo
•    Blocks off choke cable hole in throttle body

Part #: K-003
MSRP: $11.95

Oil Filler Plug
Are you detail oriented? This part screams out to all who see it that you’ve got yourself a serious racing engine. With an oil filler cap like this, you’ll have the competition wondering how much time and money you’ve put into the head!
•    Laser-etched logo
•    Made of high-grade aluminum
•    Predrilled for Safety wire

Part #: 2190-908K
MSRP: $23.95

About Yoshimura R&D of America: Yoshimura is “The Leader in Performance” and has been for more than 55 years. With unmatched skills, knowledge, and passion for racing, Yoshimura is on the forefront of the aftermarket exhaust industry. Yoshimura pipes are race bred and feature the same legendary performance, fit and quality that has been their trademark for more than five decades. To learn more about Yoshimura and view the wide variety of performance products, visit

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