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Side Panels, Doors & Bolt on Leg Minders

Yamaha Rhinos are very versatile vehicles when they come from the factory. To take them out into the dunes like you see them being used probably wasn't what the Yamaha design engineers had in mind.

Here we are going to focus on roll cages, side panel or leg minders.  Seats and harnesses will be covered in another section.

The stock Rhino is very easy to get in and out of, but it is not built with a rollover in mind. The first problem is the door opening is wide open.  During a roll, your first instinct is to try and stop the roll.  Bad idea. No matter how strong that you think you are, your leg will not stop UTV from tipping over. 

Yamaha Rhino - Straight from the factory.
Stock Yamaha Rhino

The solution is to add a barrier that will not allow you leg to get out of the vehicle. Lots of options to solve this are available from nets to aluminum leg minders, to steel tubing and full doors with aluminum.

The second problem with the stock Rhino is the "roll cage". Yamaha doesn't even call it a roll cage for liability reasons, and either do most of the aftermarket guys. In our sue happy society, calling it a roll cage would then somehow mean that you would be safe in a roll-over accident. For simplicity, we are going to call them roll cages - just try not to roll because that isn't what they were designed for. Silly, huh? 

The stock cage is probably just fine for the most likely intended use of cruising around the farm doing odd jobs, but in the dunes, a bit more strength and cross bracing would be nice. New cages also add a bar behind the seats where harnesses (seat restraints) should be attached.

What to look for:

  • Material selection - Chromoly, mild steel or aluminum and thickness. Each material & thickness has pros and cons - cost, strength, weight, etc. Make sure you ask questions.

  • Cage Design - Gussets and triangulation increase the strength without adding much more weight. 

  • Removeable? - Most aftermarket cages are bolt-on. This eases the installation and also allows the customer to get their Rhino into their toy haulers. Besides mounting to stock lower bars, does the cage add any mounting locations? A custom made cage that is bolted or welded to the frame is stronger than one that bolts to the factory cage location, but cost will increase and you won't be able to get the cage off as easily or at all.

  • Restraint Mounts - Make sure the cage includes a bar behind the front seats for attaching shoulder harnesses. Shoulder harnesses should be attached slightly below your shoulder level. If the cage does not allow for this, find another cage. Restraints should be as short as possible, and mounting them down on the floor seriously affects their effectiveness.

  • Head Clearance - Make sure that all parts of the cage are sufficiently away from all passenger heads.

Spotlight on Rhino Products

Here are the products that we have chosen to use on the Project Rhino:

  • Four Seat Roll Cage - PDS

  • Half Door or Leg Minders - PDS

Roll Cage & Leg Minders build by PDS Fabrication
Four-Seat Roll Cage & Leg Minders

Roll Cages, Side Panels, Doors & Bolt on Leg Minders

  • Arizona Sports Center (ASC)

Products: Sports Bar, Bolt-on Door Bar

Location: Glendale, AZ

Arizona Sports Center (ASC) - Sports Bar   Arizona Sports Center (ASC) - Door bar

  • B&A Motorsports

    Products: Roll Cages

    Location: Phoenix, AZ

  • Black Rhino Performance

Products: Leg Minders

Location: El Cajon, CA

BRP Leg Minder (SideWinder)

  • Custom Rhinos

Products: Roll Cages & Doors

Location: Riverside, CA

  • Desert Works

Products: Roll Cages & Doors

Location: CA

  • Dragon Fire Racing

    Products: 2 & 4 Seat Roll Cages & Leg Minders

    Location: Mesa, AZ

  • Ferguson Fabrication

Products: Roll Cages & Leg Minders

Location: Tempe, AZ

  • Fireball Racing

Products: Roll Cages

Website: None
Location:  Prather, CA

Fireball Racing - Rhino Roll Cage   Fireball Racing - 4 Seat Rhino Roll Cage

  • Got Sand?

Products: Roll Cages


  • Hard Core Racing (HCR) 

Products: Aluminum Door Side Plates


Yamaha Rhino Doors

  • Jeff Jones Off Road

Products: Leg Minders and Roll Cages


  • Jagged Extreme

Products: 2 & 4 Seat Roll Cages and Leg Protection Bars

Location: Phoenix, AZ

JaggedExtreme-Leg-1.gif (93022 bytes)

  • Lone Star Racing

Products: Side Bar Leg Protectors, Side Bar Panels

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Lone Star Racing - Tubular Leg Minder   Lone Star Racing - Tubular Leg Minder with Aluminum Panel

  • Long Travel Rhino

    Products: Roll Cages & Side Panels

    Location: Saugus, CA

    Long Travel Rhino - Side Panel & Roll Cage   Long Travel Rhino - Roll Cage   Long Travel Rhino - Roll Cage

  • Maier Manufacturing

Products: Quarter Door Panels


  • Metal Tech Products

Products: Roll Cages

Location: Glendale, AZ
Phone: (623) 218-8368

  • Motoworld Racing

Products: Side Doors

Location: El Cajon, CA
Phone: (619) 442-0941

Motoworld Racing - Rhino Door

  • Product Development Services (PDS)

    Products: Roll Cages, Leg  minders

    Phone: (951) 696-1650

    PDS - 4 Seat Rhino Roll Cage   PDS - 4 Seat Rhino Roll Cage   PDS - 4 Seat Rhino Roll Cage   PDS - 4 Seat Rhino Roll Cage

    PDS - Two Seater Rhino Roll Cage   PDS - Rhino Leg Minder   PDS - 4 Seat Rhino Roll Cage with Leg Minders   PDS - Two Seat Rhino Roll Cage

    PDS - Two Seat Rhino Roll Cage   PDS - Yamaha Leg Minder

  • Prestige Golf Carts

Products: Roll Cages

Location: Temecula, CA
Phone: (800) 493-5288

Rhino Roll Cage - 4 seat   Rhino Roll Cage - 2 Seat

Products: Roll Cage

Location: Phoenix, AZ

  • SDHQ

Products: Roll Cages

Location: Gilbert, AZ

  • Seizmik

Products: Tubular doors


  • Shaw'z Metal Fabrications

Products: Roll Cages & Fixed Doors

Location: Santee, CA

Shaw'z Metal Fabrications - Rhino Doors   Shaw'z Metal Fabrications - Roll Cage   Shaw'z Metal Fabrications - Rhino Roll Cage

  • SoCal Fab

    Products: Bolt on 2 and 4 seat roll cages

    Location: Valencia, CA


  • Todd's Custom Billet

    Products: Aluminum Roll Cages, Side door

    Location: Gilbert, AZ
    Todd's Custom Billet - Aluminum Rhino Roll Cage   Todds Custom Billet - Rhino half door

  • Trail Armor

Products: Side Doors

Location: Rienzi, MS

Trail Armor - Rhino Door   Trail Armor - Rhino Door

  • Zone Worx

Products: Leg Minders

Location: Glendale, AZ

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