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Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator


Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator

  Chevrolet Ecotec  Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator  Predator - X18 Intimidator

Predator - X18 Intimidator


Power Train:

  • CARB and EPA Approved Green Sticker / MSO 

Engine Performance:

  • GM / Chevrolet Ecotec
  • 170HP 2.2 Liter Engine @ 155 Ft. Lbs. of Torque
  • Exhaust: Stainless Steel Twin Tip Muffler with Stainless Steel Header Manifold, Certified Catalytic Converter
  • Stainless Steel Intake Manifold
  • Cooling: Large Capacity Radiator, Triple 9” Fans  (Independently Relayed and Fused)
  • Air Filter: K&N Washable Pleated Mesh
  • MSD Ignition: Mefi 4 Computer & Wiring Harness
  • Power Steering Assist
  • Alternator 120 Amp


  • Automatic CVT
  • 8 to 1 (2WD) .091 Differential, F-N-R Transmission  
  • Axles: 1-1/4” Chromoly with 930 CV Joints 
  • Automatic Clutch: Team Industries Driven Clutch and Comet Drive Clutch, Kevlar Belt
  • Shifter: Billet Machined Aluminum F-N-R

Chassis Construction:

  • Chassis Construction: 1-1/2” .095 Wall, Chromoly, Mig Welded
  • Suspension Rear: 1-1/2” .130” Wall, Chromoly, 4130 Swing Arms
  • Suspension Front: 1-1/2” .130” Wall, Chromoly Double A-Arm, Tig and Mig Welded
  • Spindles Front: 1-1/2” Chromoly, Mig/Tig Welded
  • Full Skid Plate
  • Frame: Powder Coated 
  • Gel Coated Fiberglass Body, 7 Standard Colors: Red, Black, White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange 

Performance and Fuel Capacity:

  • Keyed High Speed Ignition Approx. 70 MPH 
  • Keyed Low Speed Ignition Approx. 35 MPH
  • Fuel Capacity: 16.0 Gallons

Brakes, Suspension, Tires & Wheels:

  • Travel and Suspension: 20” Front and 18” Rear
  • Chromoly Heims 7/8” and 3/4”
  • Shocks Front: Vogtland Off-Road 10” x 2.0” x 7/8”, Piggy Back Reservoir, Nitrogen Filled
  • Shocks Rear: Vogtland Off-Road 13” x 2.0” x 7/8”, Piggy Back Reservoir, Nitrogen Filled
  • Front Hubs: Billet 7075 Machined
  • Rear Hubs: S10 Chromoly Micro Stub and Bearing
  • Brakes, Front and Rear Independent:  4 Calipers, 2 - 4 Piston with 9” Drilled Rotors Front, 2- 4 piston with 11-1/2” Drilled Rotors Rear 
  • Dual Brake Reservoir with F-to-R Adjustable Bias
  • Emergency Brake
  • All Terrain Tires Front and Rear  
  • 5 Bolt Cast Wheels

Safety and Communication:

  • Full Suspension Seats, Fully Adjustable, Heated, Low and High settings
  • Simpson 5-Point Safety Harnesses
  • Simpson Window Nets
  • Simpson Limit Straps

Electrical & Instrumentation: 

  • Battery: AGM 12-Volt DC, 350 Cranking Amps
  • 12-Volt Disconnect: Master On/Off Switch Located Under Dash
  • Gauges: Tachometer, Oil Pressure, and Water Temperature
  • Control Panel: Control Panel with LED Indicator Lights for On/Off Switches
  • Fuses & Relays: P.C.B. Indicates Blown Fuses and
  •   Devices Being Powered. All Circuits are Relayed.
  • Lighting: (2) Running Lights; (1) Buggy Whip Mount, Aux (Pre-Wired for Four Roof Spot Lights (2) - 30 Amp Relays), Interior LED Light
  • Horn: Twin 12-Volt Air Horns
  • Starter: Hi-Torque GM 12-Volt Electric Starter

Optional Features Available from Your Dealer:

  • Tool Kit (Removable)
  • Spare Tire Rack (Removable)
  • 1.5 Ton Aluminum Jack (Removable)
  • Side Wings Rear Race Number Plates
  • Removable Rear Storage Wing
  • GPS Radio
  • FM Radio
  • Add-on Removable Bumpers
  • (4) 6” HID Lights Light Rack / Roof Mounted Storage Rack
  • (2) 6” Round HID Front Driving Lights
  • Rear Storage Rack Over Engine
  • Tow Hitch Receiver
  • Hitch Mounted Storage Rack
  • Windshield

General Specifications:

  • Dry Weight: 1950 lbs Approximately
  • Measurements: Height: 64”, Length: 143” (Including Wing), 136” (No Wing), Width 85”, Wheelbase: 103” (Note: With VW Stock Wheels Wheelbase is Narrowed to 74”)


It’s not often that someone tosses you the keys to their sand car and says “go have fun”, but that is exactly what happened to me during the Sand Addiction Dune Tour at Gordons Well. I had checked out the Predator X18 Intimidator at the Sand Show and was very impressed by the looks, overall design and simplicity.

But I was doubtful that a car powered by a 170 HP 2.2L Ecotec and mated to a CVT transmission would be responsive enough for the way I like to drive.  To me speed isn’t about how fast I can run up a hill.  It’s how fast I can slice through the dunes with hard turns, hard braking and lots of acceleration.

Once behind the wheel, I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive the X18 was.  I really didn’t expect to be able to accelerate as fast as I did, and the automatic transmission seemed to provide very good throttle response in every scenario I hit. And a cool feature about the drivetrain in this car is the CVT belt also acts as a fuse.  It is designed to soak up the shock that normally hits a transaxle, but brake in extreme circumstances before more expensive components would typically fail. CVT belts are cheap, and easy to replace in the field. 

As far as handling is concerned, the car was a bit stiff, but to be fair, the car was setup for desert hardpack, not the dunes. But transitions were very stable and g-outs were handled just fine. The car likes to slide in the turns, but it felt very balanced.

Driving the car was very comfortable.  I am 6’ 1” and had plenty of legroom. The seats and harnesses were comfortable, and the visibility was great.  I felt pretty safe with all of the cross bracing too.

After I had my turn behind the wheel, I handed the keys back over to Rat Sult from Predator Offroad.  I grabbed my camera and gained even more respect for the car’s abilities. Rat has spent a lot of time behind the wheel of his X18, and it shows.

Overall, I was very impressed with the X18. For a car that has an MSRP below $30K, it sure seems like you get a lot of car for the money. I really like that the engine is built by CBM Motorports and the transmission is built by the Wright Gearbox. A lot of parts are also available through Kartek and McKenzies.

Company Information:

Predator Motor Company

Temecula, CA

Phone: 951-259-3339



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