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Long Travel Installation

Polaris RZR Long Travel vs. Stock
Stock RZR on the left. Long Travel RZR on the right (Fireball Racing+6")

Fireball Racing - Long Travel kits for RZR, Rhino & Teryx

Stock Polaris RZR - Before Long Travel Suspension  Stock Polaris RZR - Before Long Travel Suspension  Stock Polaris RZR - Before Long Travel Suspension  Stock Polaris RZR - Before Long Travel Suspension
Stock Polaris RZR - Before Long Travel

Polaris RZR after Fireball Racing +6" Long Travel

Long Travel RZR Review

Long travel kit was installed at Fireball Racing

Lift the RZR and take the wheels off

Polaris RZR - Front Hub  Polaris RZR - Rear Hub

Remove cotter pin, large hub nut, tie rod end (front) and brake caliper from all four corners

Remove hubs

Polaris RZR - Hub removed. Axle and spindle still attached.  Polaris RZR - Hub  Polaris RZR - Rear hub removed

Remove spindles from arms

  Polaris RZR - Front spindle removed. Axle still in place.  Polaris RZR - Rear Spindle

Remove Axles - They come out of the differentials with a little tug

Polaris RZR - Axles  Polaris RZR - Rear Differential with axles removed

Remove Arms

Remove bands off all CV boots


Remove old axles from CVs - You can save and resuse old CV grease if RZR is fairly new

Polaris RZR - Saving original grease from CV.  Most of the time, the CV will pop off the axle.

The CVs on the inner rear (differential side) may not come off as easily as the others.  If so, the only way to remove the CV is to get the balls out first, then pop the star with a brass hammer.

Inner rear CV may not come loose as easy as the others, so the only option is to pry the balls out of the CV. 

Install new axles, clean and install boots

  Grease the CVs - We used the original grease because my RZR didn't have that many miles on it.  Clean CV boots before sliding over axle.

Band CV boots

Steering stop added to limit turning - Stock front axles bind under full turn


Install new tie rod extenders

Polaris RZR - Tie Rod Extender

Install new extended brake lines

Install new axles/CVs

Install new long travel arms


Install spindles


Install hubs


Install brake calipers


Attach tie rods

Install shocks


Install rear upper shock mount support

Install rear lower arm mount support bracket

Bleed brakes

Lube arm bushings

Set alignment


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